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La Maddalena

La Maddalena is a town of 11.000 inhabitants of the province of Sassari.

It is an archipelago composed by 7 main islands and smaller islands, the most important of which are La Maddalena, Budelli, Santo Stefano and Caprera.

The islands and the surrounding sea belong to Maddalena National Park since 1994, a marine and terrestrial protected area of national and community interest, famous around the world for its crystalline water and its rich biodiversity.

As being a well-known tourist destination, the archipelago offers many shores, such as the famous Spiaggia Rosa, highest environmentally protected sandy shore located on the island of Budelli.
The archipelago is also famous for being the last mansion of Giuseppe Garibaldi, who built in Caprera the well known “white house”, which nowadays is a museum that hosts his tomb.



Palau is a town of 4.055 inhabitants of the province of Sassari. It is one of the most famous places of North Sardinia for its tourist port, its 20 shores of finest sand and its 24 km of coast, extended from Golfo delle Saline to the mouth of the Liscia river.
Palau is situated in a natural cove, very close to the famous Costa Smeralda and in front of the Maddalena National Park.
Pubs, lights and events entertain summer nights, when Palau hosts tens of thousands of tourists.
In Palau we find the Bear’s Rock, one of the most known symbols of Sardinia. It is a rock shaped by winds that, for millions of years, have ruined the granite consuming its most fragile parts and assuming extraordinarily a shape that resembles a bear.
The rock was well known from ancient times and it was a landmark for the sailors.
Toward Santa Teresa Gallura, we find Gabbiani Island with two shores that open in a fan-like manner – the Arenaria on one side and Porto Pollo on the other one. In addition to Barrabisa, thanks to the constant breeze blowing, this is a paradise for windsurfers, kitsurfers e funboarders.


How to reach us

You can get to Palau by plane (Olbia airport is 40 km away; Alghero airport is 150 km away; Cagliari airport, 300 km away); by ship (the nearest ports are Olbia and Golfo Aranci, a little further away you can find Porto Torres and finally Cagliari); by car (from Porto Torres driving along the panoramic road to the north; from Olbia driving along the SS 125 towards Arzachena- Palau; from Cagliari driving along the SS 131 to Sassari and then following the signs; from Alghero driving along the SS 291 to Sassari and then following the signs); by bus (ARST connects Palau with the port of Olbia, Costa Smeralda airport and Tempio Pausania all year round; Turmotravel makes seasonal connections between Palau and Olbia airport; Digitur makes a seasonal connection between Santa Teresa Gallura and Alghero airport).