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Legislative decree 231/01

The holding company C&T SpA and its subsidiaries, adopt an Organisation, Management and Control Model (Model 231) for the prevention of crimes committed in the interest or to the advantage of the companies. Furthermore, in order to ensure its effective application, the C&T Group has developed a specific training programme for all personnel and has appointed a Supervisory Board with autonomous powers of initiative and control, in accordance with the law.

In order to guarantee and facilitate the flow of information to the Supervisory Board, the Company has adopted specific information channels:

E-mail address:;
Ordinary mail addressed to the Chairman of the Supervisory Body at the address of the Company C&T S.p.A., Via Ing. Giuseppe Franza, 82, 98124 Messina.
The C&T Group has also adopted an advanced IT whistleblowing platform to enable the reporting of wrongdoing. The contents are available at the following link, in the dedicated section.