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Transfer conditions

General Conditions for Transport

In the following text, the word «carrier» refers to Maddalena Lines S.r.l., the word «vehicles» define any means of transport (wheeled or tracked, self-contained or not), the word «loader» refers to the driver or the person who is responsible of the loader itself.
The carrier carries out the transport of vehicles and goods under the following conditions:

a) The vehicles must be presented at the designated place for boarding at loader’s care and expense and on time.

b) The transport of goods and vehicles is subordinated to the space availability of the ship, to the sea conditions and to any limitation decided by the authorities.

c) Embarkation and disembarkation of vehicles is carried out by the owners or the companions, who assume the responsibility for any damage they may cause to other vehicles or on-board facilities.

d) The maintenance, care and custody of animals while traveling are under the responsibility of their owners.

e) Vehicles will be parked in the place indicated by the crew.

f) The carrier assumes no responsibility for any misappropriation of suitcases, clothing, etc. The owners of the vehicles must take care not to leave valuables in the vehicles themselves.

g) Any damage, caused to vehicles during the crossing shall be proved by the person picking up the vehicle, in consultation with the Captain or a representative of the carrier, at the time of disembarkation, in order to make a proper report. In the absence of prompt complaint, the Article 435 of the Navigation Code will be applied.

h) The carrier will not be liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by weather conditions, rain, sea splashing or reasons unrelated to the directives of the crew.

i) The price of transport must always be paid in advance at a full price if the ship arrives at its destination, but also if it is forced for nautical reasons to return to the port of departure or divert elsewhere.

j) Flammable, explosive or dangerous materials require a prior declaration from the owner or the companion, as well as special agreements for conditions and rates.

k) Owners or companions of vehicles containing any goods or any kind of material shall take care to place the cargo in closed space or enclosed place with tarp, so as not to be affected by the movement of the ship.

l) The policy’s signature entitles the Shipowner to issue drafts for the recovery of unpaid freight within 10 days from the date of policy issue.

m) Any dispute will be settled by the Court of OT.

n) For matters not provided in this contract, the provisions in force by Italian law shall be applied.

o) The freight fee is exempt from VAT.